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Apricot the Wolf’s Healing Energy

This is a very special clip on energy healing as done to Apricot the wolf. You will see as Apricot submits to the healers and uses her own energy to heal herself.

Guys, you know that I always try to send you to visit animal sanctuaries which help with God’s work. Here is another one. Hopefully you can help them too. God bless them for what they do. EarthFire Institute


Pollination in Slow Motion

At some point in our lives, in school, in biology class, we were taught about pollination and the role of animals in pollination. This video was shown at the TED conference in 2011, with scenes from “Wings of Life”, a film about the threat to essential pollinators that produce over a third of the food we eat. The seductive love dance between flowers and pollinators sustains the fabric of life and is the mystical keystone event where the animal and plant worlds intersect that make the world go round.

The film is gorgeous. The director and cinematographer is the incredible Louie Schwartzberg. Musical score provided by Bliss.

If only our biology teachers had this to show us….

Owl Enjoys a Head Rub

Surely you noticed how much your cats and dogs enjoy it when you rub their heads, scratch behing their ears, and just a good rub all around. Well, here is an owl that his enjoyment is so obvious, he goes into a trance which is almost hypnotic.